Getting Your Permit

In order to be enrolled in a Panhandle Driving School class, the student must obtain a learners permit from the Drivers License Department. You must bring the following documents and meet the requirements listed below for the licensing department to be able to process your learners permit application.

Name of the Drving School:

Panhandle Driving School

Parent or Legal Guardian:

A parent that is listed on your birth certificate must accompany you to the licensing department. If you live with a guardian instead of your parents, the guardian must accompany you to the licensing department along with certified letters of guardianship. The parent or guardian is required to present identification. Step parents and grandparents cannot sign the liability waiver unless the have been appointed the students legal guardian and present certified documents stating they are your legal guardian. If the students mother has a different last name than the student, please be sure to provide documentation such as a marriage license or other legal documentation that relflects the same last name as the student and the mother on the the students birth certificate.

Photo Identification and Personal Information:

ASB Cards, Yearbooks or Military ID that identify the student are all acceptable. If the student is unable to provide photo identification, the licensing department may be able to use the parent or guardians identification to verify the students identity. The student will be required to provde his or her social security number. The student will also be required to provide his or her height, weight, eye color and hair color.

Birth Certificate:

The licensing department will allow a copy of the students birth certificate in order to obtain the learners permit. Once the student sucessfully completes the drivers education class, he or she will be required to present a state issued/certifed birth certificate with the states seal from the state of birth when they take the written drivers test at the licensing department.

Verification of Compliance Letter:

A Verification of Compliance Letter from the students school. The schools secretary will have the necessary forms. If the student is enrolled in a summer class, a fourth quarter report card will be sufficient.


There is a fee of $21.50 payable to the licensing department for processing the permit. This fee must be paid when applying for the permit.

Vision Exam:

The students vision will be tested. The student must pass the vision test in order to obtain a learners permit. If the student wears glasses or contacts be sure he or she brings them to the licensing department whenapplying for their lerners permit.