Q: How old does a student have to be to take the class?
A: A minimum of 14.5 years of age by the time the first class begins. This is a state law!

Q: I have a busy schedule with extra- curricular activities. Does Panhandle Driving School have a schedule that will work with me?
A: Yes, we provide make up days and schedule drives on a week to week basis. We understand some students have hectic schedules so we will work with you.

Q: Can I drive in different states with an Idaho permit?
A: In Washington you have to be at least 15 years old to drive with a permit. Check the respective state you are inquiring through their Department of Motor Vehicles.

Q: Do I have to be an Idaho resident to take driver’s education in Idaho?
A: Yes.

Q: I am 17 years old, am I required by law to enroll in an Idaho driver education course?
A: No but, if you want to be a safe driver and get a discount on your insurance premiums then driver education is strongly recommended.

Q:What days of the week are your classes?
A: During the school year our classes are on Sunday and Monday nights, to minimize the schedule conflict and academic responsibilities you may encounter. During the summer months, the classes are offered on Monday and Tuesday mornings.

Q: Can I drive with my parents while I am taking the course to gain experience and get extra practice?
A: No. The State of Idaho prohibits student drivers from practicing driving from except for State of Idaho Certified Driver Education Instructors. 

Q: Do I need insurance while taking driver education?
A: No, we provide a liability policy.

Q: After completion of the course while driving with a permit, do I need insurance?
A: Each insurance company is different. Check with your insurance provider.

Q: After completing driver education, how long must I drive before qualifying for a driver’s license?
A: You must drive a minimum of 6 months and 50 hours, and a minimum of 10 of those hours must be at night?

Q: If I am 15 with a daylight only license, can I drive at night if I am coming home from a school function?
A: NO, it is still illegal after dusk.